We will put a warning on Foy Vance's new live version of "Cradled in Arms."

Vance wrote the ballad as a Christmas present to his mother, but this performance is a breathtaking gift to anyone who has tried (and struggled) to show proper love and appreciation.

The Irish singer-songwriter closes his eyes to power through three personal verses and a repeating chorus that rises with emotion to the point you're nearly afraid for him. "So try not to worry / Consider the start / We came from nothing / But nothing can tear us apart," he sings on a signature song from his new To Memphis album.

It's the kind of performance you really need to experience live. It's a song we feel blessed to be able to share with readers.

“My mom was such a worrier, such a natural born worrier," Vance tells Taste of Country. "She worries about everything — if she has nothing to worry about, she’ll worry about having nothing to worry about, you know.”

Vance is becoming a household name in country music circles, having written songs recorded by Miranda Lambert ("Pushin' Time"), covered by Keith Urban ("Burden") and with Brett Eldredge, Devin Dawson and Little Big Town. In fact, Dawson chose a Vance song called "She Burns" as his cover for his 2018 Taste of Country RISERS campaign.

“I loved Devin’s version of ‘She Burns,’ I thought it was beautiful," Vance says. "And I thought Keith’s version of ‘Burden’ was incredible. I really did, and I wasn’t expecting to. I don’t normally like when people cover my songs, but when I listened to that I forgot it was my song, to be honest."

It's hard to believe someone could cover "Cradled in Arms" with anything near the same conviction of Vance's original, though.

"I can never do any wrong in her eyes," he says of his mom, ending the sentence on an upbeat that exemplifies an Irish accent un-compromised by a few years spent growing up in America. "Even if I killed someone she’d go, ‘Son, why’d you do that? You probably shouldn’t do that, sweetheart.'"

This is the first of two Foy Vance live performances recorded at the Taste of Country studio during Americana Music Fest in Nashville in September. On Friday (Oct. 25), look for a performance of another song from To Memphis called "Malibu Jane."

WATCH: Foy Vance Sings "Malibu Jane" 

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