Frankie Ballard fans were a bit surprised to see he got married recently since he didn’t post publicly about the engagement. The artist says he’s all-in, and the new marriage is blissful.

"She’s my partner," Ballard tells Taste of Country Nights of his new wife, Christina. "Now we’re a family, and it feels pretty great."

The artist is truly head-over-heels for his bride, which fans will easily be able to tell as he talks about her.

"I’m incapable of really being my true self without her now,” he says. "'You’ll Accomp’ny Me' is really our song."

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Ballard's cover of the Bob Seger classic is his current single.

As for a honeymoon, they haven’t officially taken the trip yet. He says that will come after touring dies down, but the way he sees it, married life is basically the same.

"Every day kind of feels like a honeymoon," he says.

Ballard goes on to confess that though his father told him marriage would feel different than dating, he didn’t quite believe him. The official word? It’s true.

"You're faced with this commitment, then you make it and you’ve got these responsibilities now," he says. "You go, 'I’m in deep. I’m in real deep.' And at that moment when you feel that, you immediately look at who you’re in deep with and I look over at her and I go, 'Wow, what a blessing.'"

Ballard is headlining Headwaters Country Jam in June.

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