Now that Garth Brooks officially announced his return to the road life and an upcoming comeback tour, ears are open for more details. Although arrangements are still being made, one thing's certain -- it's going to be loud.

Brooks, who shares that the 2014 world touring venture is likely to span three years, wants it to be bigger than anything he's ever done. "That's the goal," he tells Electric Barnyard. "We're on the blueprints right now. We're going to build a stage and a lighting rig that hopefully will blow people away."

And the real kicker? The sound. It's going to be bigger and badder than ever! "We actually have a new sound system that's never been used  that's coming -- a new technology -- so everyone in the room can feel the 'thump,'" Brooks reveals.

In short, "It's gonna be loud," he says. Details -- like dates and an opening band -- are still in the works. The icon shares that they've had a lot of offers from basically everybody, simply because country music wants Brooks' tour to be the best.

Although this tour is allegedly going to trump anything Brooks has done before, fans can rest easily knowing that the music is still going to be true to his original sound. "We're Garth. We're gonna be whatever Garth is," says the singer.

Country fans, get your eardrums (and ear plugs) ready -- Brooks is going to blow everyone away with this tour!