The live version of 'The Call' from Garth Brooks' 'Live at the Wynn' performance is his first single since 2008. It's a duet with his wife Trisha Yearwood, but their happy marriage doesn't stand in the way of a heartbreaking performance.

The couple tried cutting the song with a band, but found the acoustic version worked best in the end. It's difficult to argue. Their voices are pure, and their vulnerability real. Stylistically the track is unlike most duets. The don't trade versus or stick to harmonizing during choruses. 'The Call' is a throwback to a time when a duet felt like a conversation.

“I’m not supposed to call you / I know we both agreed / We said that it was over / And I guess that it should be,” they sing to begin. Only Brooks' acoustic keeps this song from being a cappella.

The two tell the entire story of their love in less than two-and-a-half minutes, an impressive accomplishment and the sign of a strong song. “But I’m wishing more than anything / Any second now this phone will ring / But I’m sure you’re not thinking the same thing,” they sing before the final chorus.

Neither singer has lost their sense of abandonment when it comes to throwing every emotion into a performance. It's not clear what will follow 'The Call,' if anything. Fans should enjoy this moment.

Why Fans Will Love It: Frankly, this couple could have cut 'Who Let the Dogs Out' and made fans happy. It's been a long time, but the ballad does more than just scratch an itch. The unique vocal layering adds drama and depth to a familiar story.

Key Lyrics: “But I can’t get you off my mind / And I miss you like hell tonight / But I won’t pick up this phone cause I'm not supposed to call you” 

Did You Know?: Brooks says he and Yearwood lived this song just before deciding to settle down and marry. "Miss Yearwood and I were in the middle of it in 2002-03," he says in a recent interview with CMT. Thankfully someone broke the rules, and made the call.

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