Even major country stars like Garth Brooks can use a little support onstage -- especially when that support is coming from their own family. The country legend took to the stage in Chicago over the weekend with one more familiar face added to his backing band: his daughter.

When Brooks appeared at the Allstate Arena for his eleventh show (in ten nights!) on Sept. 14, there was one more addition to his usual backing band, which he appropriately calls the 'Wall of Sound.' It was his 18-year-old daughter, Allie, sporting a red plaid shirt and skinny jeans with her dark hair pulled into a ponytail.

"We've been working together for, I don't know, the last 18 years now or so," said the legend by way of introduction, without directly stating the family connection. "This little girl's very talented. She does background vocals, acoustic guitar, singer-songwriter. From Owasso, Oklahoma, give it up for Miss Allie Colleen!"

Although Brooks played it coy, never mentioning that Allie is his daughter, from the "proud dad" look on his face, the father-daughter connection was obvious. Allie joined her dad for more than two hours -- his entire set -- and Brooks even put his arm around her during one verse of his iconic hit 'Friends in Low Places.'

Allie is the youngest of Brooks' three daughters with ex-wife Sandy, and fans actually have the brown-haired beauty to thank for the singer's return to country music. When she turned 18, it was Allie who reminded the 'Papa Loved Mama' singer of his promise to return to the stage once he'd raised all of his kids. How's that for full-circle?

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