Journalists from Ireland traveled to Nashville to ask Garth Brooks questions about the five canceled Dublin shows, and the singer didn't hold back. Putting the blame squarely on government officials, Brooks said "The problem isn't here."

The country legend further explained why he called off all five concerts rather than play three of the five dates. He reminded media at a press conference Thursday (July 10) that he's never offered VIP or Gold Circle seats at shows, as he doesn't like to encourage special treatment. Choosing fans with tickets to three shows over two others would not be right.

"It’s not okay for me, I don't agree that that’s the way to treat people," the 'Friends in Low Places' singer admits.

Repeatedly, Brooks stressed that the Irish people will have his love forever. He is nothing but heartbroken about the what has happened. “With a simple ‘yes,’ you can make 400,000 people happy,” he said, urging a change in the system. His tone was not optimistic, but he did not concede the fight entirely, leaving fans with a sliver of hope.

During his conversation with fans, Brooks revealed that his new tour will include a 255-foot-wide and 20-foot-tall video screen. He also talked about his new album and his decision to release his music digitally.

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