Garth Brooks made it official this week: he's going on tour. The icon is making a comeback in 2014 after 12 long years without a major road run. Brooks' youngest daughter graduates high school in the spring, so his schedule is clear to reclaim his spot amongst the dominant stars of the day -- and he's beginning with a world tour.

What else will Brooks' comeback involve? Longtime fans of the legend know he does everything big, so expect many more layers of his plan to be revealed in the weeks and months to come. Here are five things to count on now that he's dusted off his boots.

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    New Music

    This is obvious. Garth Brooks will release a new album, or at the very least, a new ultimate hits box set that offers a few new songs. 'The Call,' his duet with Trisha Yearwood, is the first new release in five years, and it could foreshadow an unveiling of the long-awaited duets album the two have been talking about since before bread came sliced. Or it just may be another teaser.

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    Social Media

    During his prime, Garth loved to press the flesh. Few have been better at making themselves accesible to fans, and the Oklahoma legend always took advantage of the day's technology while not forgetting to embrace fans who prefer a more classic approach. It's shocking that Brooks doesn't have an official Twitter or Facebook page. That will change.

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    A Rising Star

    When Garth released 'More Than a Memory' in the summer of 2007, he helped launch the career of up-and-coming singer-songwriter Lee Brice, one of the hit's co-writers. Look for that to happen again. Brooks loves the Nashville songwriting community, and he'll go out of his way to make sure an unrecognized talent gets his or her opportunity in 2014.

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    A New Trisha Yearwood Album

    Yearwood will be in the spotlight just as much as her husband during Brooks' tour and whatever comes along with it. It would make sense for her to take advantage of the opportunity, and frankly, she's overdue. Her last album was 'Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love,' released three months after Brooks released his new single in 2007.

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    One Quick No. 1 Hit

    It will be interesting to see how radio embraces Garth Brooks' comeback. There will, without a doubt, be one quick No. 1 hit as programmers are overcome by the fever and mania surrounding his announcment. Brooks will also offer his best new song first. After that, it's difficult to say. Things cooled off for him after 'More Than a Memory.' The next two singles didn't do as well on the charts as one would expect a song from this icon to do. Part of the reason for that is because he began to slip away once again after Christmas. A tour and dedication to doing radio interviews will help keep Brooks on the map longer in the new country landscape. But he's by no means guaranteed a spot on playlists after nearly vanishing for over a decade.