Garth Brooks says his new single “Ask Me How I Know” could do for writer Mitch Rossell what “More Than a Memory” did for Lee Brice a decade ago. The superstar has high praise for the singer and song’s lone writer, and he doesn’t hold back.

“We call him 'Diva,'” Brooks tells Taste of Country somewhat unexpectedly, with a smile that lets you know more is coming. “Because he never asks for anything, never. Glass of water? Nothing. His dressing room’s just bare … sweetest guy on the planet.”

Rossell first caught Brooks' attention during the making of the Man Against Machine album, so he invited the newcomer to open some shows on his massive world tour with Trisha Yearwood. In October he predicted “Ask Me How I Know” would be a big single for both of them. It’s the follow-up to “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance,” his lead single from Gunslinger.

“‘Ask Me How I Know’ is I think gonna be — ‘More Than a Memory’ for Lee Brice? I’m hoping that’s gonna be it for him because he’s a sweet guy and we need to hear his music," Brooks says.

On Friday (March 17) Brooks delivers a keynote address at South by Southwest. His next concert is set for March 24 in Philadelphia. He currently has dates scheduled through the end of April. This fall will conclude year three of what he's said will be a three-year North American Tour.

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