Garth Brooks has had his fair share of interviews over the years, but none quite like his chat with 107.7 WGNA’s Nick Kessler, which became his worst interview ever. During Brooks' recent three-night concert stop in Albany, N.Y. Kessler was able to chat with the singer for a very awkward two minutes.

"Hi, I'm Kessler and I'm with Garth Brooks," the interviewer says while looking nervously at his notebook before deciding the introduction wasn't good enough. "I'm with singer, songwriter, actor, musician, myth, legend, icon, superstar, idol, sensation, Grammy winner, Country Music Hall of Famer — I'm super excited — Garth Brooks."

Flattered by the introduction, Brooks gave Kessler a pat on the back.

"Very sweet. Totally uncalled for introduction, but exactly the way I wrote it. Thank you for reading it that way," Brooks jokes, playing along.

The interview continues to include some flattery as well as a random discussion about Saturday Night Live, candy bars and Brooks' latest single "Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance."

"I've always wanted to say this. You're the only Garth I've ever met. Party on, Garth," he says before asking about candy bars. "They call little candy bars fun-size, but don't you think it'd be more fun to eat them regular size?"

Brooks doesn't miss a beat: "Yeah, they should call them funner size."

Then things get super awkward as Kessler admits to trying to lay down and dance as Brooks sings in his song, but he couldn't quite accomplish it.

"Is it about ... coitus?" Kessler asks curiously.

Brooks laughs and nods before denying the song's subject matter.

"I don't know. I don't speak that language," he says.

Watch Brooks go through the Worst Interview Ever above.

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