Garth Brooks has been recording new music, and one song in particular left him awestruck when he heard it, because it reminded him of one of the most important women in his life: Trisha Yearwood.

During a press conference with the Nashville media on Wednesday (Oct. 17), Brooks opened up about how the new song, which he did not call out by name, holds personal resonance for him.

"It's a song about the strength of a woman, and for me, that's Trisha," he explains. Brooks was in a pitch meeting with songwriter Matthew Rossi when — in the middle of a group of party songs — appeared this thoughtful ballad co-written by two males. When the country icon heard the song's defining line, he was captivated.

"Where it ends up, you sit there and you're just stunned; you're just quiet," he shares. "These two guys hit it right on the head. I'm stunned and very lucky to get to record this song."

The nature of the mysterious song holds women in the highest regard, as Brooks notes — he feels that women have such deep strength that makes them worthy of putting them on a pedestal. Thus far, the only people who have heard the song are Brooks, the writers and the engineer. The superstar is waiting for the right time to play the song for Yearwood, and he knows it will be an emotional moment he does.

"A man has a strength and a woman has a strength, but the woman has a strength the man can't understand," he says. "That's what this song focuses on, is how we as men are so damn lucky to be around them."

"It's easily, maybe the most well-written thing I've ever had to lend my voice to. It's beautiful," adds Brooks.

That it will come in a #MeToo and #TimesUp era is purely coincidence. Brooks says the current cultural landscape wasn't a driving force for him to record the song, but rather the strong women he's surrounded by. He cites his 26 years as a father to three young women — daughters August, Taylor and Allie — and the impact that wife Yearwood had on their family as reasons he was compelled to cut it.

"Raising three daughters has kind of been my life," Brooks reflects, "And then to bring somebody like Ms. Yearwood into the family who's a very strong, independent career woman, that was an eye-opener for all of us and I think it was a gift to my children, and sure was a gift to me as her husband."

The record-breaking Brooks is set to head out on a stadium tour beginning in 2019. He plans to perform in 30 cities across three years, with 10 to 12 shows taking place each year. The tour debuts in St. Louis, Mo., at the Dome at America's Center, with stops at Gillette Stadium, State Farm Stadium and AT&T Stadium to follow. The third installment of Brooks' Anthology series will be released on Nov. 20.

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