Everyone knows Garth Brooks from his enormous career in country music, but did you know he is also a film producer?

In 2001, Brooks helped package a Christmas movie that starred Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg. Brooks was one of the executive producers of 'Call Me Claus,' a movie that first aired on Turner Network Television.

The film's plot involved a home shopping executive -- played by Goldberg -- who becomes Santa's choice for his replacement after his 200-year reign is up. Brooks served as one of six producers on the project, and he also provided the title song, 'Call Me Claus,' which he co-wrote with Lisa Sanderson, his producing partner in a company called Red Strokes Entertainment.

Sadly, the spirit of holiday cheer didn't last. In April of 2013 Sanderson filed suit against Brooks, maintaining that she was not properly compensated during her time as Red Strokes' CEO. In February of 2014, a jury in Nashville made a finding on Brooks' behalf in the lawsuit, ruling that Sanderson would have to pay back $226,000 that she had claimed was a gift, but Brooks said was a loan. They also found that Sanderson had no claim on further compensation from her time at Red Strokes.

You Think You Know Garth Brooks?

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