George Birge reinvented one of his most popular songs by stripping away all production and singing without accompaniment. Watch his music video for the acoustic version of "Mind on You" during a Taste of Country premiere.

The song from Birge's recently released, self-titled EP finds him obsessing over a new lover. It's a modern pop-country beat with R&B influences.

"Every time you hop in lookin' like you do / I got my hands and my eyes and my mind on you," he sings to close the chorus.

The lyrical structure of this updated acoustic version is the same, but the Texan sings with new urgency. It's a suddenly vulnerable performance that benefits from the echoes of his spacious room.

"Fans have really embraced this song and given it a life of its own," Birge says, calling "Mind on You" one of his favorites to sing live. "So, when we found this abandoned warehouse with an amazing echo, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give listeners a dark, broken-down version of the song to really dig into the lyric. We grabbed a camera and just shot it in one take, and I’m excited for fans to see how it turned out."

"I got my mind on you and you on my mind / Got these four wheels on a two-lane and we cuttin' through the night / Got you high in my head and your love on my lips / Girl, I'm huggin' on these curves, like them jeans on your hips," he cries out to start the refrain. Jaron Boyer, Michael Tyler and Colt Ford helped him write the song, and initially, Jason Aldean put it on hold. He tells Taste of Country that his record label liked it so much, they convinced him to ask for it back.

“It was pretty terrifying,” Birge recalled. “I've been in town for a while, and I've worked my butt off to get opportunities like getting Jason Aldean to cut my song. So, it was a pretty scary thing for me, but I kind of just came to the conclusion that if you can't bet on yourself, no one else can, so I decided to roll the dice.”

The George Birge EP has racked up over 3.5 million streams, led by "Mind on You" and "Beer, Beer, Truck, Truck," his viral hit from 2021. The talented songwriter has a knack for twisting ideas you think you've heard before into something quite new. When he's alone with his acoustic guitar, release all expectations and enjoy it.

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