The five CRS New Faces of Country Music have been announced for 2024. This group will carry on a tradition started in 1970.

  • Previous New Faces of Country Music include Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, George Strait and (in 2023) Jelly Roll.
  • Artists must meet a set of eligibility requirements, as well as be available for the New Faces of Country Music showcase to be considered.
  • A group of five artists was selected from seven nominees for 2024.

The 2024 New Faces of Country Music showcase will be held in Nashville on March 1 and include George Birge, Dillon Carmichael, Corey Kent, Megan Moroney and Conner Smith.

It's a dynamic group that found many different paths to success.

Birge ("Mind on You") is enjoying solo success after years in a duo called Waterloo Revival. Carmichael ("Son of A") has truly taken the 10-year path, but since signing with Riser House, his traditional brand of country has started to find a place on the radio.

Kent and Moroney both went viral ("Wild as Her" and "Tennessee Orange") before signing with Sony Music Nashville. Smith also went viral for a song called "I Hate Alabama," but it'd take two years before he'd notch a song high enough on country charts to make him New Faces eligible.

Per the Country Radio Seminar website, an artist must have one — but no more than five — songs inside the Top 25 on a radio airplay chart. Smith's "Creek Will Rise" is currently Top 20.

New Faces are decided by a vote from members of the country music industry. An artist who was previously part of the New Faces showcase is not eligible. Prior to the vote, each artist's representative is contacted to ensure the artist will be available for the New Faces showcase and will perform if selected.

Seven artists were nominated for the 2024 New Faces of Country Music showcase — this group of five edged out Warren Zeiders and Chayce Beckham.

Next year's CRS will take place Feb. 28-March 1 at the Omni Nashville hotel. The convention includes many educational panels and discussions relevant to the country radio industry.

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