George Strait may have retired from the road, but he hasn't quit having fun. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Now that King George has been scaling back his yearly performances, he has more time to pick up the golf clubs!

In a Facebook video, the country legend shows off his new set of wheels that keep him company on the golf course. "Hi, I'm George Strait. Let's go play some golf!" he says to open the 30-second video clip, flashing a big smile.

Here we find a casual version of the country icon,dressed in a baseball cap, sweater and slacks while driving his blue all-electric Garia Golf Car as he heads to the golf course.

"What I really, really like about the Garia is the interior is so beautiful, and really, really classic and classy," he explains, promoting it. "From the leather steering wheel to the beautiful leather seats. Totally street legal and you're ready to go!"

The camera then pans to show the sleek interior of the golf cart, giving a glimpse at the beautiful leather seats. "It's a really fun car to drive," Strait adds with his signature smile.

While he has been retired from the road for a while now, King George continues to take part in new ventures. The singer recently revealed his own tequila line via an event at historic Studio A on Music Row in Nashville, offering a private tasting of Codigo 1530, a new tequila brand in which Strait is a co-investor.

“We would be out there playing and Feddy [Vaughan] would show up with this amazing tequila that nobody had ever tried before and it had no name,” Strait said. “It was in a random bottle with no label. He said it was tequila. We trusted him and drank it. We were like, we have to have this in the States."

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