A strong contender for 2014 ACM Entertainer of the Year, George Strait remembers his most dedicated fans in a just-released ACM video.

The video begins with Strait crooning the lyrics to 'I'll Always Remember You' from his 27th studio album 'Here for a Good Time.' "It all started back in 1981," he sings. As the vocals fade out, the country star begins recalling memories from the road, and more specifically, the fans he's been touched by.

"I'll see fans that I saw in 1981, 1982 when I first started going out on tour. One girl held up a sign that said '200 shows.' 200 shows!" Strait exclaims. "That's a lot."

Interspersed throughout the video, which encourages fans to get online and vote for Strait, is footage from speeches the 'Give It All We Got Tonight' singer has given through the years, along with clips from previous shows.

"If it all ended tomorrow, I'll always remember those days, those nights onstage -- the screams and the cheers."

Strait's quest for Entertainer of the Year is asking fans to make him the Entertainer of a Lifetime; his last time winning the prestigious award was in 1989, more than 25 years ago!

The 2014 ACMs will air Sunday, April 6 at 8PM ET on CBS -- expect an evening full of top-notch performances and exciting awards! Fans can vote for the Entertainer of the Year at VoteACM.com.