Glen Campbell revealed that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's earlier this summer, and the brave country singer sat down with ABC News for his first TV interview since sharing the details of his illness.

With Kim Woolen, his wife of almost 30 years, by his side and a trusty guitar tucked under his arm, Campbell said he has yet to feel the effects of the neurological disorder which slowly but surely destroys memory and hampers a person's ability to function or conduct simple, mundane, every day tasks. He declared, "I ain't felt anything yet. When's it gonna get here?"

However, shortly after making that statement, the 'Rhinestone Cowboy' singer acknowledged that he has always been forgetful and said, "I am only what, 78?" Woolen corrected him and reminded him he is 75.

Campbell received the diagnosis seven months ago, and rather than allow it to crush him or force him into "early retirement," the singer is instead releasing a new album and planning a farewell tour. He can still sing -- which he demonstrates in the interview -- and can still play guitar, two things which Woolen said are crucial for him. "Music is a natural memory aide," she said. "Music is good medicine."

With Woolen by his side, his kids supporting and performing with him onstage and the country music community behind him, Campbell is doing his best to show that you can live (and work) with Alzheimer's.

Watch Glen Campbell's Interview With ABC News

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