Granger Smith isn't just singing his new single, 'Sleeping on the Interstate' -- he's living it. The Texas country artist is currently walking 100 miles from Austin to the Ft. Hood military base in Killeen, Texas, and is sleeping on the interstate along the way.

Not only is he doing the big trek on foot, he's doing it in combat boots just like the soldiers wear. "I'm walking a hundred mile from Austin to Ft. Hood in combat boots to raise awareness, morale and patriotism for the soldiers," Smith tells Taste of Country.

What started as eight people on Sunday -- when Smith started the hike -- is now three, but the 'Colorblind' singer has made lots of new friends along the way. Fans, media, random people and even a few fellow country artists have joined in for a few miles on each leg to help encourage Smith in his venture. The singer hunkers down each night in a tent that he pops up in the backyard of generous churches on his route.

"We're putting this sacrifice on our bodies to represent the giant sacrifice that they give for us every single day -- and that's for our freedom," he adds, expressing his gratitude for the military, both active and non. "They sign up for this. They volunteer to do this and they work 24/7."

Smith, who has toured overseas three times to play for the soldiers stationed in Iraq and Kuwait, is a graduate of Texas A&M's Corps of Cadets program.

While Smith wants his own journey to be thankless, the purpose of the walk is to ensure that the military's hard work isn't. "There is no draft. They're choosing to do this. We're a country at war. We can't forget that," he stresses. "So, if you see a soldier, please thank them for us."

Smith will perform an acoustic concert for soldiers and their families, as well as some lucky fans, when he reaches Ft. Hood at 5PM today.

Granger Smith Talks Walking for the Soldiers and 'Sleeping on the Interstate'