Granger Smith's new single, 'Sleeping on the Interstate,' could be the theme song for just about any traveling band, as it describes what life on tour is like for the touring '"prisoners of the road."

In this clever song, the Texas country singer paints a vivid picture of his band, rolling down the highway in a Chevy van, missing home and trying to get even just a little bit of shut eye as they move from city to city. Smith sums up the feeling best in the chorus:

"White lines stretching like a yellow brick road / We chase it down, hurry up / We never go slow / Gas in the tank / Music in the soul / Here we go, here we go / Connecting map dots like poets and prisoners / Trying to live more like a lover than sinner / A slave to dreams so far away / Sleeping on the interstate."

Smith and his band are good friends of the road, because they see it all weekend long, nearly every weekend of the year. The singer charted his first Top 10 single, 'Colorblind,' in 2008, and three more top hits marched after -- with no breaks from touring in between.

'Sleeping on the Interstate' is lead single from Smith's new album, 'Poets & Prisoners,' out on April 12.

Listen to Granger Smith, 'Sleeping on the Interstate'