To some, Hank Williams Jr. is known as Bocephus. To others, he's simply "Grandpa."

The country music legend recently cleared his calendar to attend "Grandparent's Day" at his grandchildren's school. While other grandparents filled the school's auditorium, it's unclear how many knew they were in the presence of a man who has spent decades in the music industry.

Judging by the pictures Williams shared to social media, he wasn't interested in causing a fuss — he was solely focused on the three grandkids he came to support.

The first picture in the series appears to be a candid shot, showing Williams holding one of his grandchildren while sitting in an auditorium filled with other grandparents. In the second snap, we see Williams with three of his grandkids this time posing for a picture in a school hallway. The muted tones of the hallway pair nicely with the country music singer's wardrobe choices — specifically the cameo print jacket he's wearing.

Williams kept the caption of his post simple and to the point: "Grandparent's Day at school!" He did make sure to tag his daughter, Holly Audrey Williams, and her husband, Chris Coleman, so they could see the pictures of their kids.

This isn't the first time that Williams Jr. has mentioned his favorite grandkids on social media. This past summer, the family was on hand to not only celebrate America's Independence Day, but to see Williams fire a Civil War-era 12-pound Napoleon cannon. While the grandkids can't be seen in the post, Williams uses the caption to assure fans that they loved it.

Professionally, Hank Jr. released Rich White Honky Blues on June 17. While he doesn't currently have tour dates scheduled, fans can stay up to date with the singer by visiting his website.

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