Hank Williams Jr.’s debut single on Nash Icon Records stays true Waylon Jennings' original. “Are You Ready for the Country?” is a rowdy, country-rock track with a few lyrics that fall charmingly out of step with today’s vernacular. The feeling is still there, and still relatable.

“Slippin' and a-slidin', playin' dominos / Leftin' and a-rightin' ain't a crime, you know / Well, I gotta tell the story before it's time to go,” Williams sings to begin the song.

Dominos has long fallen out of favor as the game of the day, and it’s not clear what “leftin’ and a-rightin’” is. The rest of the song follows the singer as he tries to tell a story.

“Talkin' to the preacher, said God is on your side / A-talkin' to the pusher, they both are sellin' highs / Well, I gotta tell the story / I don't know the reason why, whoa.”

Eric Church sings that second verse, and together the two legends of their time trade choruses before the end:

“Are you ready for the country / Are you ready for me / You better get ready for the country / Ain't I a sight to see / Are you ready for the country / Are you ready for me.”

Hank’s It’s About Time album will include a mix of covers and originals, and plenty more collaborations. The song kicks off the 2015 CMA Awards on Nov. 4 in Nashville.

Why Fans Will Love It: Even country fans who've never heard a Waylon Jennings song will agree there should be more Waylon on the radio. Williams Jr. and Church are fine vehicles.

Key Lyrics: "Are you ready for the country / Are you ready for me?"

Did You Know?Neil Young wrote "Are You Ready for the Country?"

Listen to Hank Williams Jr. (Feat. Eric Church), “Are You Ready for the Country?”

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