Heidi Newfield's lead single off of her upcoming sophomore album, 'Stay Up Late,' is infused with a rock influence over Newfield's gravelly country vocals.

The music in 'Stay Up Late' blends several genres, including country, blues and rock. The lyrics focus on spending quality time with the one you love during the day, and getting even closer at night in between the sheets.

The song starts off with a guitar riff, with Newfield's voice kicking in soon thereafter. Her voice reminds us of a wonderful hybrid mix between Melissa Etheridge's rough-around-the-edges voice and Dolly Parton's sweet country twang.

The song makes you want to clap and stomp along to the edgy beat, and the music comes full swing as Newfield reaches the chorus:

"We can kiss on the couch, dance in the kitchen / Sit on the porch and listen to the crickets / Sing us a song and all our worries away / Then a little later on when the wine starts a workin' / Call it a night and close all the curtains / Come on baby, I can hardly wait / To go to bed early and stay up late."

'Stay Up Late' has a breakdown around the middle of the track, as Newfield's guitar player jams as the singer lets out a quick succession of sexier "oohs." She kicks it back into high gear as she belts out the song's final chorus and a long, powerful closing note.

Newfield, who used to be a member of Trick Pony, will release the follow-up album to her 2008 solo debut, 'What Am I Waiting For,' some time this year. The title and release date have yet to be confirmed, but stay tuned with Taste of Country for more updates on the project.

Listen to Heidi Newfield, 'Stay Up Late'