High Valley's tight harmonies and bluegrass influenced pop-country sound will be new to American audiences, but the sibling trio proves that their success in Canada wasn't just a fluke. 'Love You for a Long Time,' the debut single on Eaglemont Entertainment, is a professional recording one usually doesn't find from a baby act. This group is clearly a seasoned -- but still exciting -- voice to keep an eye on.

Brad, Bryan and Curtis Rempel have worked past any sibling rivalry (if there was any to begin with) to shape a focused sound that features one trio, instead of a collection of three individual vocalists. Often there's a temptation to trade lead singer duties. That gets confusing and creates an impediment to enjoying such a simple love song.

"Long as trucks have tailgates / Tire swings hang above creek banks / Fireflies light up the summer sky / I'll love you, love you for a long time," lead vocalist Brad Rempel sings to begin the song.

One quickly hears rock, pop and bluegrass influences, but all three melt together like a tablespoon of honey in a hot cup of coffee. For comparison's sake, High Valley is like fellow Canadians Emerson Drive, but retooled to handle a new decade.

"Long as there's a breath in me / Right down to my last heartbeat / Last as your blue eyes shine / I'll love you, love you for a long time," Rempel adds during the chorus.

'Love You for a Long Time' is a few simple ideas arranged with care and performed without too much over-thinking. The lyrics won't knock you down, but it's a song one won't mind hearing every three to four hours on country radio. "So let the storm clouds roll / Let the rain fall down / 'Til the good Lord calls me home / I'll be around / I'll be around," the lead singer adds during the bridge.

One could argue that the song is a bit generic, but it's far too early to cast that sort of criticism on this band, whose accolades in Canada suggest a diversity that can push record sales and radio success. Repeating that same success in Nashville is quite a different game, but that's for their label to worry about. If High Valley can keep turning out pure and honest love stories like 'Love You for a Long Time,' they'll build a fan base quickly.


Listen to High Valley, 'Love You for a Long Time'