It's a girl for Holly Williams and husband Chris Coleman.

The country singer and Coleman -- of rock band Kings of Leon -- welcomed their first child on Tuesday (Sept. 30) at 1:45PM. Stella June Coleman came a little before her due date, which was Oct. 8, and the new parents are ecstatic about the new 7 lb., 12 oz., 21-inch human in their life.

“I am beyond thrilled to meet her. I’m so incredibly blessed,” Williams, the granddaughter of Hank Williams and daughter of Hank Williams, Jr., tells People.

Stella's name will forever be tied to the Williams family; her first name is that of a great, great aunt, and June was Williams' maternal grandmother.

“She was the grandparent I was closest to by far and she was just such an amazing, lovely, southern dream of a grandmother to me,” says the proud mama. (Her song 'Waiting on June' was written in her grandmother's honor.)

“It’s really important to teach my child about my grandparents and where they came from and why I was so close to them,” the 33-year-old adds.

Although most people feel that life is crazy once they have a newborn, the birth of Stella is a welcome reprieve from the road for Williams and Coleman. They both just returned to Nashville after a long stretch, with the country singer ending her tour for 'The Highway' in August.

Now, the couple is looking forward to hunkering down at home.

“We have been going non-stop for a year and this will be our first 14 days in our house together since 2012,” Williams says. “This sounds crazy, but I feel like we’re about to go on vacation because we’ll be forced to not leave the house for days.”

She continues, “The thought of just being in a rocking chair with her and being still and quiet for hours and hours upon end, even if I’m exhausted, sounds like such a peaceful bonding time."

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