Hudson Moore is gearing up to release his new album, Getaway, and Taste of Country has your exclusive first listen of the title track. The perfect summer anthem about escaping from it all, Moore says the song is about taking some time to unplug.

"We live in such a fast-paced, constantly-connected world," the singer tells us. "Sometimes you have to unplug, get out of town with your girl and forget it all for a little while. That's the feeling I wanted to capture with 'Getaway'."

Moore heeded his own advice by literally getting away to record his new project. The singer-songwriter escaped from Nashville, Tenn., to record the album in the hill country outside of Austin, Texas in what he calls a "vibe-y studio."

"I felt so inspired and creatively free. I never felt like I was on the clock making a record. It just felt like a bunch of friends having fun making music and I think that really comes across in these songs,” he shares.

Another ode to escaping from everything on Moore's forthcoming release is "Sand in the Bed," which he co-wrote with JT Hodges and Andrew Petroff. He calls it one of his favorite songs on the album, and it's easy to see why, as it tells the story of newlyweds spending five blissful days together down in the islands during their honeymoon.

"I'm freshly married, so I got to channel my honeymoon and my experience. I co-wrote the song with JT Hodges and Andrew Petroff, who are both married guys as well. For us, we really got to connect with the story," he explains. "The whole thing's this dreamy sequence. It hopefully will take listeners to that place where it's just a dreamy, relaxing state."

Moore began writing songs at the age of 16 and long before that taught himself guitar and drums. He now plays several instruments, including bass, keys, banjo and mandolin. He says he's a musician first and foremost who eventually fell into singing and songwriting.

And Moore knows a thing or two about writing songs. He has spent many hours listening to his favorite songwriters, and as he explains, the best songwriters are open to the things going on around them, whether it be a conversation they have or something they hear in passing.

"Anything could be turned into a song. I think songwriters, as we get older, we all realize to pick up on the little things that happen in our everyday lives that can really be turned into a song, so you stay open to that stuff," he explains.

Hudson Moore's album Getaway will be available on June 17. It is currently available for pre-order on iTunes, where fans can get five tracks instantly once the album is purchased.

Listen to Hudson Moore, "Getaway"

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