Hunter Hayes is attempting to make history. In the span of 24 hours he'll play 10 shows in, and get this -- not drink any coffee. The singer's road race has begun. Will he make it?

Hayes is teaming up with ConAgra Foods in an attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records and combat child hunger. The former record is held by the Flaming Lips, who played eight shows in 24 hours, and Hayes is going well beyond their attempt with 10.

Although it seems like a huge feat, the 'Invisible' singer is really excited about it. He even gave his band a pep talk. “... I was like ‘Think about it, we are going to do a show in the morning and then we are gonna get to jam all day long,'” Hayes tells MTV News. “It’s not like we are stressing out over 10 shows. We have to make sure it’s fun because that’s the idea. The fans have supported us on this whole thing and it has to feel like everybody’s having fun.”

The long trek isn't just a strain because of lack of sleep; it also will take a toll on Hayes' vocals, and he's prepared. He explains his tactics, saying, “No coffee. That would be the worst thing, you get even more tired because of it. My goal is to not to talk in between the shows because talking is actually much harder on my voice then singing, apparently. I’m learning slowly, but surely. I’ll learn all the lessons by the end of it.”

The 22-year-old kicked things off this morning on 'Good Morning America' and will hit 9 other locations along the East Coast, with the final performance taking place in Philadelphia at 5AM ET. Here are some photo highlights from the day, so far.

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