Country singer Hunter Hayes was revealed as the singing astronaut during Wednesday night's  (April 29) episode of The Masked Singer on Fox.

With guesses ranging from actor Jonathon Taylor Thomas to Ben Platt, only judge Nicole Scherzinger figured out the masked man's identity, noting that she and Hayes once played a Fourth of July party together. While some judges were surprised, country fans watching were likely not, as he'd been rumored to be the spaceman for several weeks, and his on-stage mannerisms match Hayes' when he's standing in conversation.

Variety talked to Hayes after the show, and he revealed that he chose the astronaut over the robot as it's more in line with his next studio album, Wild Blue (Part II). He was in Los Angeles recording the album as the show was produced, so it was fairly easy to justify his time to curious friends and family. While the outfit wasn't as cumbersome as some others, he admits there were challenges.

“It was very hot, it was a giant heater," he shares. "The lady that was helping me in and out of my suit every day, told me that every time she would take the backpack off, there was a steam coming from the suit."

Hayes broke into mainstream country music in 2011 with a Top 20 hit called "Storm Warning" and followed with back-to-back No. 1 hits "Wanted" and "Somebody's Heartbreak." He's had several Top 20 singles and performed at the Grammys since. Now 28 years old, the Louisiana native says the music he's making is the most honest of his career.

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