According to Hunter Hayes' new single 'Tattoo,' the talented country singer-songwriter just might be willing to get a little permanent ink -- if he meets the right girl! The new track off of Hayes' 'Storyline' album is classic Hayes, returning to the reason fans love him so ardently.

'Tattoo' is the second single off from 'Storyline,' and it is pure fun and musical levity. 'Invisible,' the first single off 'Storyline' was a hit, but much more serious, making 'Tattoo' the perfect follow-up for an insanely talented musician who can't help but smile. It's a tale as old as time -- boy loves girl so much he wants to tell the whole world -- but Hayes has updated it with his trademark vibrancy.

"Ink it in on my skin, sign me up, make it last against the time / Cause this is more than a picture that fades of a first date Friday night." Signs Hayes in the second verse, proving that he's gonna do more than just shout it from the rooftops for the girl he loves.

"It's unerasable, unmistakable, hey, everybody wants to know / Now I think I know, I'll wear it on my sleeve, I gotta let it show / Making a promise that I never wanna let you go." 

The anthemic chorus and infectious, guitar-driven melody are pure country gold, with equally viable pop appeal, making this one of Hayes' most promising singles yet. It's a song that fans will be able to listen to three, four, five times in a row without it losing its appeal and while the story of the song will surely add to Hayes' growing teen, female fanbase, the rock-and-roll undercurrent will certainly catch adult fans as well.

In the first line of 'Tattoo,' Hayes sings about his girl saying "I love you" and how it makes him feel like "there's a good chance I could fly." Soaring and electric and full of promise for a relationship that will last forever. Well, it better last forever, if there's a tattoo involved!

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Tattoo' hits on all the right country themes, while creating a fun, rock and roll vibe that will have fans listening to the single on repeat.

Key Lyrics: "Your name, your name sounds so good next to mine, just saying / And I think, I think I'm gonna put it in all my rhymes, baby / Cause with you, I'm gonna do quite a few things that I never thought I would do / Your name, your name, your name / Would be a good tattoo."

Did You Know?: Hayes debuted 'Tattoo' as his second single at the 2014 CMT Awards. And while he may sing about getting inked, the country hitmaker doesn't have any tattoos of his own. At least none that we can see!

Listen to Hunter Hayes 'Tattoo'