Dozens of Hunter Hayes fans created homemade Valentine's Day cards for the 'Somebody's Heartbreak' singer, competing to win a phone call from the heartthrob on February 14. One entry stood above the rest in effort both and creativity, and a lucky girl in Las Vegas is about to have a very, very good day.

Congratulations to 10-year-old Mea and her cousin, Kristina. They worked together to bake over two dozen cookies and spelled out 'You Are Wanted, Hunter - Be Mine' in icing. Mea gathered all of her best Hayniac swag and took a picture that was too adorable to ignore. She'll will be receiving a phone call from Hayes sometime today. She is his official 'Hearbreak!'

Twenty runners-up won a 'Hunter Hayes Live' album and 'Be Mine' T-shirt. The new live project is a Walmart exclusive, featuring five tracks from Hayes' self-titled debut album.

Check out some of Taste of Country's favorite cards below!

Note: Winners have already been contacted.

Photos Courtesy of Hayniacs