In a strange kind of way, Ingrid Andress' debut single, "More Hearts Than Mine," is a Mother's Day song. The newcomer's ballad doesn't celebrate mom in any ostentatious way, but recognizes her more subtle feelings of loss when her little girl or boy ends a relationship.

Raise a hand if you've been married for years but your mother still talks about the cookies so-and-so made or the one time what's-his-name fixed a leak under the sink. Those relationships matter, but exactly one-half of the parties involved have no say about the outcome. "More Hearts Than Mine" is the first song in recent memory that recognizes that — the ballad may bounce off you, but if you see your parents staring blankly at the radio when it plays, now you know why. This level of nuance usually only comes when someone has been writing for decades, if he or she is lucky.

The Colorado native wrote "More Hearts Than Mine" with Derrick Southerland and Sam Ellis, but owns the love note like she just had the conversation last weekend. There's something small-town relatable about her fears and observations that transcend the song and helps us feel like we know the singer already by the end. Sparse production (piano and vocal mostly) aids the vocalist as she breaks our hearts with every too-real analogy. Some songs falter because they're too specific, but in honing details, Andress just dropped one of the best songs of 2019.

Did You Know?: Andress also has a song called "Lady Like" that has over three million streams on Spotify.

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Ingrid Andress, "More Hearts Than Mine" Lyrics:

I can't wait to show you where I grew up / Walk you 'round the foothills of my town / Probably feel like you've been there before / After hearing all the stories I've been telling you / For six months now.

We'll probably have to sleep in separate bedrooms / Pack a shirt for church because we'll go / I'm not trying to scare you off but / I just thought that we should talk a few things out / Before we hit the road.

If I bring you home to mama / I guess I'd better warn ya / She falls in love a little faster than I do / And my dad will check your tires / Pour you whiskey over ice and / Take you fishing but pretend that he don't like you / Oh, if we break up, I'll be fine / But you'll be breaking more hearts than mine.

My sister's gonna ask a million questions / Say anything she can to turn you red / And when you meet my high school friends / They'll buy you drinks and fill you in / On all the crazy nights I can't outlive.

If I bring you home to mama / I guess I'd better warn ya / She feels every heartache I go through / And if my dad sees me crying / He'll pour some whiskey over ice and / Tell a lie and say he never really liked you / Oh, if we break up, I'll be fine / But you'll be breaking more hearts than mine.

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