American Idol viewers are still getting it right, Scott Borchetta says. After fan votes left country singer Maddie Walker and Adanna Duru on the side of the road last week, the show's mentor says the best and brightest stars are moving on safely week to week.

“I think you’re starting to see some leaders emerge,” Borchetta, Big Machine Label Group CEO, tells Taste of Country. “If you look at the ones who are becoming the frontrunners … those are the ones who every week are upping their game.”

Nick Fradiani, Jax, Clark Beckham and Joey Cook are four that most people consider frontrunners. Two weeks ago Borchetta said Fradiani would really come into his own, and he was right. A performance of "Man in the Mirror" shot him into the Top 3 of many power rankings.

This week, the 29-year-old and the other remaining Idol singers will perform Kelly Clarkson songs.

“Kelly just responded to Nick,” Borchetta says. “Nick has a real momentum because he’s starting to see the work that we’re doing behind the scenes pay off. That was a guy that wouldn’t even look you in the eye, wouldn’t even look down the camera when he came to this competition.”

Jax's ballad could steal the show, however. Of all nine remaining contestants, she's the one with more to show viewers.

“If she pulls this off like she did in rehearsal, and the way that we recorded it in the studio this last weekend … you’re gonna see a new side of Jax that I think is gonna expand what her artist profile is," Borchetta shares.

Walker's elimination was a surprise in that one figured the country vote would keep her on the show for a little longer. The 17-year-old was never considered a favorite, however. Borchetta says she just needs more time.

“I think it’s just a matter of development," he says. "She was one of the ones that if I could take her off the show for a year and work with her, I think she’s a Top 5.”

Fans will get even more of a chance to save their favorite singer this week. Once the bottom two are declared, they'll perform in a save situation. Then, over the commercial break, fans on Twitter will decide in real time who goes home. It all happens over four or five minutes. With the judges being out of saves, it will be the only shot someone has to stay alive on American Idol.

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