'Barefoot and Crazy' hitmaker Jack Ingram doesn't need fancy-schmancy digital downloads to get music to his fans -- he has a guitar and a video camera. Week after week, Ingram lays down tunes through his Acoustic Motel series, and this week, Merle Haggard's 'Are the Good Times Really Over' got the pick of the draw.

In the video, Ingram sits perched casually on a vintage chair, taking in a bit of the Texas heat while he strums his guitar. The singer tells the tale of how this song came to be part of his vocabulary, explaining that he used to play it "way back when" but dropped it for a long time. He decided to give the classic Haggard track another spin when he was asked to play a Hall of Fame induction for the iconic country legend himself, alongside Emmylou Harris.

"I was amazed," Ingram explains of the honor, before starting into his rendition. "Humbled, I guess, but also scared to death. Whatever the cool word for that is." Of course, the 40-year-old Austinite has a ways to go before he reaches Haggard status, but he certainly does this track justice. His laid-back, cooler-than-you attitude, black t-shirt and gold-rimmed shades don't hurt, either.

Watch Jack Ingram Perform Merle Haggard's 'Are the Good Times Really Over'