Jacob Davis misses his 1-year-old daughter while on the road , but fortunately, he hasn't missed any of those important "firsts." The "What I Wanna Be" singer recently called baby girl the best thing in the world while explaining how he keeps tabs while traveling.

Davis and his wife welcomed their daughter Percy on Christmas Eve 2015. Both have actually found their way into his music; a song he wrote called "Down to Earth" was inspired by them, and he expects more will come, although the lyrics may not be a direct reflection.

"I think about even artists 10 years ago and not having FaceTime," Davis says. "You think, 'How did they do that?' It's every day I see my wife and my little girl and she sees my face and hears my voice."

The 2017 Taste of Country RISER's debut single is an emotional country groove about love at first sight. It's the perfect introduction to his music:

Davis and his wife dated in high school, but went their separate ways for six years before rekindling their romance following college. "We kinda picked up where we left off, and you don't have to talk about those six years," he says. "They're not important. We both grew and luckily we grew together."

The Shreveport, La., native just announced a performance at CMA Music Festival in June. He'll be playing the Chevrolet Park Stage on June 10. "What I Wanna Be" is the first single from an upcoming EP.

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