Jake Hoot has released a very special new song and video to celebrate Father's Day in 2020. The 2019 champion of The Voice enlisted his own daughter, Macy, for his new clip for "Best Job I Ever Had."

The new video features the Season 17 winner of The Voice talking with his adorable little girl, playing with her and pushing her on the swings at home, interspersed with him singing the lyrics of "Best Job I Ever Had," which salute his all-important role as a father to the 5-year-old girl.

"Best job I ever had / I just to be your dad / And giving everything I have to you / When I looked into your eyes / Suddenly I realized / I knew what I was meant to do / That's the truth," he sings in the chorus.

Hoot co-wrote "Best Job I Ever Had" with Connor Rand, and Dave Pahanish and Charles Pevahouse Jr. produced the track.

“Without a doubt, being a dad is the greatest accomplishment I've ever had, so writing this song was easy because it resonated so close to home," Hoot observes in a press release.

“It was such a special day because my daughter Macy was able to be with me during filming," he says of shooting the video. "I was also so thankful because last minute we had 3 families offer for us to use their nurseries, which was fun getting to involve other families in this project.”

“I hope people walk away with the message that getting the opportunity to be a dad is one of God’s greatest gifts to us," Hoot adds. "No matter how hard it may be at times, there really is nothing more special than having the opportunity to raise a child.”

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