Jake Owen has plans for a pretty chill and family-focused July 4 this year. The singer is spending his Independence Day with the people who matter most -- his wife, his daughter and his father, the latter of which is finally able to get away for the first time since starting cancer treatments.

Turns out the extended Owen family will be on hand to celebrate the holiday with the patriarch, as well.

Finding himself in a thankful mood for his career success, Owen shares (quote via Sony), "It’s pretty cool to not only have the hits and stuff, but it’s cool to be able to have the time in my life now to sit back and reflect on how great things are goin’ in my life, but then to also share it with my wife and my child, and my dad’s comin’ up for Fourth of July."

Every year, the family gets a lake house and a houseboat and just spend the whole week on the water. It's extra special this year, since Owen's dad will be there, and it's the first July 4 holiday for the singer's daughter Pearl, born on Thanksgiving 2012.

The singer continues, "And my dad’s comin’ up since it’s been his first chance to get away since his cancer treatment. And the family -- all the grandkids -- everyone’s comin’ up for my dad, so we’re gonna be able to show him a pretty good time and all hang out together."

"And at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters," Owen adds.

Amen to that! Things are going swimmingly in both the personal and professional sphere, but it's alwaysfamily first for Jake Owen.