Jake Owen joined the most irreverent host on late-night television on Thursday night. Seated in the co-pilot chair, he shared the many ways he helps his brother Jarrod with the women. He also talked about his girlfriend, his love of Steel Panther and even defended his home state of Florida on Chelsea Handler's 'Chelsea Lately' on E!

The conversation about his brother began when Handler asked him if he picked up a lot of women on tour. "I have a super hot girlfriend," Owen said after a few uncomfortable seconds.

"Is she gonna go on the road with you, because she should," Handler prodded. Owen admits that this year he'll have his own tour bus, so he and Lacey can have some privacy while on tour. Previously, he'd been sharing a bus with 11 other guys.

Jarrod -- Jake's twin brother -- sells insurance in Vero Beach, Fla., their hometown. The singer says he's gotten more than one late night phone call asking him to talk to a girl he'd just met. "Sounds like Jarrod has a lot going for him," Handler cracks. Last week, Owen was on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Watch Jake Owen Talk to Chelsea Handler