Jake Owen is a well-documented adrenaline junkie in his personal life, and some of that personality trait manifests itself in his 'Days of Gold' video.

The singer is seen riding a speedboat, enjoying a cold brew and celebrating the glory days of summer in the clip. While those long, hot and sun-splashed days may be fading upon the release of the video, think of it this way: Hey, there's got to be summer weather somewhere, right?

Owen rocks out and performs with a classic mic while surrounded by trucks and muscle cars, babes in bikinis and ice cold beers in a tub. There's even one hottie engaged in an outside shower. All the signposts of summer? They're right here. It's eye candy.

No matter what the climate and time of year, when you watch this fast and furious video, it'll transport you to July.

A word of warning, though: The video is so fast-paced that it might make those with weak stomachs a little queasy. Good times are had by all, especially Owen, his band and his good-looking pals in the video for 'Days of Gold.'

Stick around until the very end -- it's a cliffhanger, as a hot chick picks up the city boy when the sun goes down and they head to Daytona Beach as the phrase 'To Be Continued' flashes on screen.

What's next? Wait and see. Here's to hoping for an endless summer.