It’s all new for James Otto. The singer’s new song “Somewhere Tonight” represents a new style to go with his new record label and new look. Okay, he hasn’t had long hair in quite awhile, but admit it … Otto has never looked like the bad boy he’s playing on this single's cover art.

“Somewhere Tonight” is a high-powered club song that few will object to hearing on their local radio stations. Typically what’s good for one of those outlets isn’t good for the other, unless DeeJay Silver has a chance to toy with it. Lyrically, the team of writers manage to draw quick, colorful images here, but it’s the song’s unrelenting energy that makes it so addictive.

“Been waitin’ all week for the weekend / There’s a buzz in the air don’t you feel it / A kiss on your lips wanna steal it / Whoa,” Otto signs over a drum and banjo opening. “Come on pretty baby don’t you say no / How we gonna fly if we lay low / Don’t know what we’re missing if we don’t go …”

It takes just 24 seconds to get to the chorus, and from there the song is pretty much all chorus. “Somewhere tonight / Music’s playing, bonfire’s blazing like a Vegas sky / Somewhere tonight / Dance floor’s rockin’, no sign of stoppin’ till the morning light / Somewhere tonight, whoa, oh, whoa / Let’s go.”

“Somewhere Tonight” is Otto’s first official single in over four years, and it’s miles away from his biggest hit, “Just Got Started Lovin’ You” from 2007. He’s been reinvented. No longer is Otto a sexy crooner — the tall, former Navy man is now leading the party. It’s a look and sound that fits him well.

Key Lyrics: “Somewhere tonight / Music’s playing, bonfire’s blazing like a Vegas sky / Somewhere tonight."

Did You Know?: Otto was once a member of the MuzikMafia with Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and more.

Listen to James Otto, “Somewhere Tonight”

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