Okay, forget the hearts and roses for a minute -- this next song is really an unambiguous plea for more sex. James Otto represents the more carnal end of the country love song spectrum with 'Just Got Started Lovin' You,' which comes in at No. 52 on our Top 100 Country Love Songs list.

The rockin' track from Otto's second album was a No. 1 hit in May of 2008. Produced by John Rich of Big and Rich and Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, the song is a perfect vehicle for Otto's rough-and-ready vocals. Lyrically, the track is a straightforward plea from a man to a woman, asking her to stay because, "You know you don't want to leave this too /C ome back and let me hold you darlin' / Girl I just got started lovin' you."

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