Even country artists like James Otto were affected by the death of guitarist Ronnie Montrose. The classic rock legend, who played with singer Sammy Hagar in the band Montrose, died on Saturday (March 3) at the age of 64. The news shook the classic rock community, but clearly, Montrose's outreach was much bigger. Otto, a singer/guitarist himself -- who saw his second album 'Sunset Man' produced by a pair of country heavyweights in the form of John Rich and his own brother-in-law, Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus -- posted a tweet about this great loss to the music community. In doing so, he shared a short but sweet memory of how the late, great Montrose factored into his life.

Otto tweeted:

In his message to the country music community, Otto, whose 2008 hit 'Just Got Started Loving You' landed in the plum No. 1 slot on the charts in 2008, shared his rock 'n' roll roots, also including a link to Montrose's hit 'Bad Motor Scooter' video, which can be seen below.

As he put it, there really is nothing like having your dad introduce you to some great music. Despite being a country artist, Otto still paid his respects to a music legend. Clearly, music is indeed a universal language, no matter what style or genre you pledge your allegiance to.

Watch the Montrose 'Bad Motor Scooter' Video

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