It's common knowledge that Jamie Foxx is a talented actor, singer, comedian and more, but did you know the Texas native and Academy Award winner is also a huge country fan?

He recently told People magazine that he often finds himself singing country tunes in the shower, just like millions of other country lovers.

"Every day," Foxx said when asked how often he soaps and sings. "Sometimes I'll sing country music – I know it sounds weird. I love to sing that Miranda Lambert song ["The House That Built Me"], and the way it echoes is really dope."

Come to think of it, Foxx's country fascination should really come as no surprise. In 2007 he appeared on Rascal Flatts' Still Feels Good album (he and Flatts front man Gary LeVox were once roommates). Then, in 2009 at the George Strait Artist of the Decade Special special, Foxx delighted the man of the evening and a massive crowd by performing a silky smooth cover of Strait's "You Look So Good in Love."

And just this past March as he was hosting the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Foxx put on some country duds and proclaimed his love for the genre onstage, even coming up with his own American Sniper-themed country song on the spot.

"I ain't no stranger to country music," he said. "Country singers are just like these rappers — like your Snoopies and your Jiggers — they write about whatever they did during the day."

"Woke up in the morning and I grabbed my gun, and I told my son he should grab his gun, and then I told my wife we should all just ... grab our guns," Foxx freestyled at the awards show. "Well, I just saw American Sniper and I broke my windshield wiper, and soon we'll be comin' 'round the bend. Well, you know my heart is burnin' ... and I'm just so proud to be an American."

Maybe an official collaboration should be in Foxx's future!

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