Country singer Janelle Arthur earned her way to Hollywood week for the third time on 'American Idol' Wednesday night (Jan. 23), singing 'Where the Blacktop Ends' by none other than 'Idol' judge Keith Urban.

The 22-year-old blonde beauty was visibly nervous because she is such a huge Keith Urban fan. Still, she possesses a graciousness and poise that plays very well on television, which ought to help her if she progresses far enough into the season. She delivered a strong version of Urban's hit that is among the better vocal performances so far in this season's auditions.

Arthur previously made it to Hollywood in the show's tenth season before she was eliminated, and last year she made it all the way to the Las Vegas round before she was cut. This year it seems like she already has the judges in her corner.

"I loved it," Urban said. "Beautiful voice."

Nicki Minaj agreed."I think you are really, really special, and you already seem like a star," she praised the young entertainer.

Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson were also enthusiastic about Arthur, and she easily earned a unanimous "yes" from the panel. She'll be packing her bags to make the by-now-familiar trip to Hollywood.

Watch Janelle Arthur Sing a Keith Urban Song on 'Idol'