When it came time for former 'The Voice' contestant Jared Blake to pen the lyrics to his new single, 'Don't Mind,' he followed his own rules. The result of his actions is a song that fits his sound and style like a glove.

"This is going to sound weird, but I was actually talking before 'The Voice' to a couple different producers in town who dug what I was doing, but thought maybe it was a little too edgy for country in different ways," Blake tells Taste of Country. "So we were discussing what I need to do, and kind of the dos and don'ts with Nashville writing. So I sat down one day and did the exact opposite of what everyone had ever told me to do [laughs], and this song came out! I didn't really think much about it at first ... I just kind of wrote it from my gut.

"I was raised down an old dirt road / With grit in my teeth and the gravel in my throat / Put Jesus in my heart and the devil on my mind," he wrote in the song's opening lyrics.

"My guitar player started playing this little lick, and I thought on the way I grew up ... the dirt roads and just the man that I am," notes Blake. "I didn't think much about it. It was just kind of a personal, uptempo, fun song for me."

"No, I don’t mind getting rowdy / I don’t mind getting loud / No, I don’t mind getting crazy / I don’t mind getting down," he sings in the lyrics of the song's chorus.

"I pulled it out at a songwriter night one time, and by the second chorus everyone was singing along," he says with a smile. "So obviously that registered with me. We started playing it around on our acoustic tour right after 'The Voice,' and we noticed the same thing. Then we started noticing that any sort of YouTube clip of anything we had associated with that song, that it just racked up views constantly and people were tweeting me about that song. So we just looked at it as this is the song the public is latching on to for some reason or another so this is obviously what they want to hear!"

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