Even though he is a contestant on Blake Shelton's team on the ratings juggernaut that is 'The Voice,' singer Jared Blake -- he's the the bald, tattooed dynamo who mixes country and rock -- isn't quite sure how the live rounds will go. The battle rounds are over and now the live shows, which involve the American public and their opinions and ultimately their votes, begin.

When chatting with BIG FROG 104, Blake revealed that he doesn't know what's next, since "they like to keep us in the dark, as much as you guys, just to keep us guessing," which certainly ups the anxiety ante for the participants. "But from what I hear, per team, America is voting for one, and the coaches get to keep one, so each team will be cut from four people to two." After the trimming of contestants, Blake said he believes that, like 'American Idol,' "it'll be up to America from then on out."

Blake admitted he is not sure if he will do a country or rock song when he is able to choose his own tune to perform, saying, "[It's going to be] something that I think is a great song, that I can put my heart and soul in." Amen to that.

'The Voice' live rounds begin tonight on NBC at 10PM ET. Be there -- we will be!

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