Fans of 'The Voice' contestant Jared Blake won't be surprised to hear that his debut single falls somewhere between genres. 'Don't Mind' is a little country, a little rock and a whole lot of Delta blues. The swampy, guitar driven riff drives the song right through Mississippi back-country. It's a style that can't be found on country radio.

Lyrically, 'Don't Mind' fits into the mold of song that Jason Aldean has made popular recently. It's edgy and brazen. "I was raised down an old dirt road / With grit in my teeth and the gravel in my throat / Plus Jesus in my heart and the devil on my mind," Blake sings to begin the song. Often, country debuts that sound like autobiographies flop and die like a catfish out of water, but 'Don't Mind' somehow remains accessible.

"When I was 16 I had an old Ford / It had rust on the hood had a dent in the door / Had a big block engine, she was four wheel drive / Guess she was doing about 95," he sings before going on to explain how he outran the police. The outlaw attitude feels genuine, but some country listeners may struggle with the vocal filters.

The repetitive chorus is a signature of the blues style he's borrowing: "I don't mind getting rowdy / I don't mind getting loud / I don't mind getting crazy / I don't mind getting down." He's sure to make fans with this style as it's untapped in Nashville. His voice is somewhat of an acquired taste, however.

Many will praise its thick tone while others will wonder if he doesn't have a bit of chaw balled up in his cheek. The pearly white smile he frequently flashed on 'The Voice' indicates the latter is likely untrue.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Jared Blake, 'Don't Mind'

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