Jason Aldean says "everything's good" with his family 10 days after photos of him kissing and embracing one-time 'American Idol' contestant Brittany Kerr were revealed on TMZ.

In a recent interview with CMT the 'Take a Little Ride' singer said what unfolded is something he, his wife, Jessica, and their two daughters will work through privately, but "the main thing is that me and my family are OK."

Aside from issuing a statement immediately following the release of the pictures, Aldean had refused to speak publicly about his night out in Los Angeles, when the pictures were taken. However, with his new album 'Night Train' set to hit stores in one week (Oct. 16), the singer had many interviews and publicity commitments to honor.

"You can handle it two ways. You can go hide and run from it, or you can get up and face it and deal with it," Aldean says in the video below, adding, "and that's kind of what we tried to do and just kind of move on."

"I know everybody's kinda going to have their opinion, and for the people that know me and know what I'm about... the people that are standing by us and supporting us, all I've got to say to them is thanks," he said. "I mean, I really appreciate it, and it's just been a really unfortunate thing. Really embarrassing, I think, more than anything."

'Take a Little Ride' is currently sitting at No. 1 on the Billboard country charts for a third street week. 'Night Train' is Aldean's fifth studio album.

 Watch Jason Aldean Talk About His Recent Tabloid Scandal

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