Jason Aldean is in the business of turning out radio hits, and "Gonna Know We Were Here" doesn’t disobey. The uptempo country-rocker stays true to the singer’s well-tested formula. It’s a song his fans will want to turn up loud, quickly.

Heavy guitars and a pounding rhythm section precede Aldean’s vocals. While not a story song, “Gonna Know We Were Here” speaks of a couple with Bonnie and Clyde intentions.

“You got the gas, I got the matches / We gonna turn this town to ashes / Cause they ain't never seen nothing like us / Ain't heard loud till we turn it up,” Aldean sings to begin. He's speaking in metaphors ... mostly.

“I got the wild, you got the crazy / You know that's why I love you, baby / Cause your motor runs just as fast as mine / Pedal to the metal, keep your throttle down all night / And we only get one life.”

The two adrenaline junkies carry on through their wild night together. Things get spicy during the second verse. While early on Aldean gives a nod and wink toward innuendo, here he spells it out.

“People talk, girl, you know damn well / When they got a good tale to tell / Let's give 'em something they ain't never seen / A little rated R redneck dream.”

Aldean is on quite a hot streak, with only one non-Top 5 single this decade. He knows how to choose them, and with “Gonna Know We Were Here,” he’s likely chosen another radio winner.

Why Fans Will Love It: Attitude + rock guitar + a touch of recklessness = happy Jason Aldean fans.

Key Lyrics: "Might burn out like a firework / Like a shooting star across the sky / And we may not be around in 20 years / But they're sure gonna know we were here."

Did You Know?: Aldean gets the most out of his albums. Each of the last two have inspired five radio releases. These days, three seems to be the average.

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