Jason Aldean isn't one to mince words, so when he throws you a compliment, it's genuine. The 'Night Train' hitmaker recently gave props to 'new' duo Florida Georgia Line, and they immediately turned around and returned the favor. 

Aldean called FGL "a shot in the arm for country music," adding that they are "kind of a new age of Brooks & Dunn sort of thing." Now that's a compliment, coming from a singer who has seen tremendous success in country music -- and the duo know that Aldean's words aren't something to be taken for granted.

"That's obviously a huge honor," FGL's Brian Kelley tells CMT. "That's a huge compliment from Aldean, because we look up to him. He's an amazing artist and great guy. That's really awesome."

Adds the 'Cruise' singer, "The comparisons are there because there are two of us, but we've honestly tried to separate ourselves and have a sound that's Florida Georgia Line. So that when you turn on the radio, there's no doubt about who it is."

The 2013 Vocal Duo of the Year winners have definitely set themselves apart as an original entity, churning out hit after hit (with a new chart record). Now, with a huge nod from Aldean, it sounds like FGL not only have the respect from fans, but also their heroes.