Jason Aldean likes for his Thanksgiving celebrations to be as traditional as you might expect of a Macon, Ga., native.

Aldean spoke to the Boot in 2009 and detailed how he spends his all-American holiday. "We usually go out and fry a couple of turkeys at my house," he said at the time. "Then we watch some football games."

He even had his own specific room in his house where he could watch football and various other sports. "In my house I've got a room that's sort of my game room or sports room," he said. "I go and watch football and baseball in there. I have a bunch of sports stuff in [there]. It's got the whole vibe going ..."

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When it comes to what team Aldean supports, it is no surprise that the Georgia native cheers on the Bulldogs. The singer has plenty of sports memorabilia to prove it!

"I have a lot of Georgia Bulldog stuff, baseball stuff and football jerseys from guys who I know who play and who've been out to the shows and things like that," Aldean said. "I like getting jerseys and having them framed. I've got all of those in my room with a bunch of Georgia Bulldog helmets and stuff signed by the players and coaches. I'm into all that."

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Since 2009, both Aldean and the Bulldogs have been through a lot. The Bulldogs went to the National Championship in 2017, while Aldean released a string of hit albums, including his massively successful 2010 album My Kinda Party. He's now raising two small children with his wife of five years, Brittany, in their custom-designed castle to call home.

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