Jason Aldean's new single "That's What Tequila Does" is an easy transition from his most recent hit on country radio. The mid-tempo lament echoes "Trouble With a Heartbreak."

Longtime Aldean producer Michael Knox oversees both songs, and they're built similarly. A table setter of a first verse takes a breath just before the kind of emphatic chorus you expect to light up the stage during one of his concerts. The band's full rhythm section gets to work at that point to power an easy-to-learn singalong that asks fans to celebrate the sting of regret.

"That's What Tequila Does" is unknowingly influenced by a tequila song canon that is mostly feel-good and carefree. Not since "You and Tequila" by Kenny Chesney has a singer tried to make the preferred party drink a teary-eyed tonic, and in doing so, writers John Edwards, John Morgan, Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy add a memorable seed of discomfort. 

Did You Know?: "That's What Tequila Does" is on the Macon half of Jason Aldean's Macon, Georgia split-album release.

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Jason Aldean's "That's What Tequila Does" Lyrics:

It don't take too much / To get the wheels turning 'round and 'round in my head / Top shelf or Cuervo / I know it's gonna stir up every memory she left / Still burns, I can't lie / When I think about the good before goodbye / Guess that's what I'm drinking on tonight.

It'll make you think that you got a shot at the one that got away when it goes down / She's gonna tell you, she's gonna come back and that's what makes you stay for another round / Keep you stickin' around, keep pourin' out / Until she's all you're thinkin' 'bout / It'll keep you hung up, keep you drunk on what it was / Man, that's what tequila does.

It sneaks up on you / Going out for one turns into 2 AM / You know what's next, get you looking for a text / Get you checking your phone again / Make you stay all night, it'll give you a million reasons why.

Repeat Chorus

Oh, whoa / Yeah, that's what tequila does / Oh, whoa / It still burns, I can't lie / Oh, guess that's what I'm drinking on tonight.

Repeat Chorus

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