What a baby face Jason Aldean had when he debuted with 'Hicktown' in 2005! Other than the clean-shaven cheeks and a few less necklaces, not much has changed in the Georgia born country singer's look. His style is similar, and he still sports the same earrings seven years later. It's a look that works for Aldean, so why change it? Holding onto a little more stubble is probably a good move. It gives his face a farm-worn look.

In 2012, Aldean will release his fifth studio album, the follow-up to the double-platinum 'My Kinda Party.' He's grown into one of country music's biggest superstars, selling out amphitheaters and stadiums nationwide while gathering regular Entertainer of the Year nominations. It's hard to believe that when the 'Then' picture was taken, he was just a few months removed from considering calling it quits on his dream.